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Jason Delambre, CEM, BPI

Jason DelambreJason Delambre is the Director of Energy and Carbon Policy. He is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) & Building Analyst (BPI). Throughout his career, Jason has developed an extensive knowledge of architecture, construction, urban planning, energy, and sustainability strategies. This cross-disciplinary exposure has allowed Jason to develop a unique vision of the economic and energy efficiency synergies possible through innovative business, infrastructural, financial, policy, and community organizing strategies. Jason provides utility auditing, supply and demand efficiency strategies, onsite generation opportunities, strategic business and financial planning, client management and supply chain development. Jason is also the Owner/Principal Consultant of Interdependent Energies, LLC, a Carbon & Sustainable Energy Consulting Firm based in Frankfort, Kentucky (www.InterdependentEnergies.com).

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Robert G. Clark

Robert ClarkRobert G. Clark is the Director of Business Development. Throughout his career, Bobby has built a vast network of contacts throughout the Midwest and has his honed his ability to open doors to new opportunities quickly and efficiently, Bobby provides business development, client management and networking services for MCEE. Bobby has been an entrepreneur and publisher for over 25 years. He is president of Sustainable Business Ventures (SBV), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit he created in 2009 (www.sbventures.org). SBV has developed a Green Entrepreneur Program training program for difficult-to-employ individuals with a focus on creating a “triple bottom-line” or sustainably focused business plan. Bobby also provides business development services to the Institute for Lean Systems (www.theleanway.com), an international “lean” consulting company and other clients.

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